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ShaneThome Mod race
       60 trophy                             12 trophy                                                                                                                   
             I have changed jobs and so has my wife. We just won't have the time that we did this past season to continue to run the race track. We are VERY VERY thankful for those who have supported us for 2014. We are extremely blessed to have the support of the fair board on our decision. We are greatful to have met so many great people and for the opportunity we were given to promote BCR.

For those of you who donated for the Shane Thome Mod Mania your donations will be passed on to the new promoters and we will gladly help them with this show in April. Some of the checks that were sent to us were voided and destroyed.... All of the big items were never in our possession like the tires and fuel but if your interested in donating still you'll need to contact the fair board for the new promoters info.

I have made a decision to step aside for the future of my family and to continue running the race track would jeopardize that. If you don't have enough respect for the descision we have made please keep your comments to yourself. We proved this year that the car count is outstanding and crowds were pretty good as well. The new promoters should continue this with ease. We will do everything we can to help transition to the new promoters as smoothly as possible. There WILL be racing in 2015. The fair board will figure something out.

Thanks for all the support!
                                     Kirk Westring

                  5 trophy                            77 trophy

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