Few reminders and new check in procedure at pit gate for everyone to be aware of.

1. We moved the pit shack from the previous years so it is located within the pit area, but further South than last week.
 We would like all tow vehicles pulling trailers to pull into the pits from the South gate and we will have someone directing
you to stop before going to your pit spot. Vacate your haulers, walk over to sign in, purchase your pit passes, and register
your car if you have not previously done so. Proceed back to your tow vehicles and then drive to your respective pit areas.
This new procedure will hopefully keep all tow vehicles and trailers off the county road and make check in go smoother and quicker.

2. Absolutely no vehicles in pits that are not pulling race cars! Park all personal vehicles directly South of White fence that
separates pit area from rest of fairgrounds. If you have a trailer with a 4-wheeler only(no race car) you will also need to park
South of pit area and unload your ATV there. All individuals not arriving with tow vehicles will be required to walk in thru
South gate and head directly to pit shack to purchase pit passes. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated so this new
procedure can be utilized throughout 2016.

3. All minors will need to have a copy of birth certificate when checking in for us to put in our file, plus have a parent release form signed.

4. Checks written will be for the amount only. No extra cash will be given at pit gate or general admission area in 2016. We have
an ATM located just South of grandstand that is accessible from outside of the event center if you find yourself in need of extra cash.

5. Pit admission is $25.00. Please help keep things moving by having your cash ready, or checks written out before you get
to the window. If you have not registered your race car yet, there will also be a $40.00 yearly registration that will also need paid tonight.

6. All drivers will have the option of receiving their checks tonight after technical inspection of each class. We will be printing
checks in pit shack as quickly as possible after each A feature, and official results are verified. Checks that are not picked up,
will be handed out at next weeks races, or mailed directly if you request by written communication to tmkraus@megavision.com

Hot laps will start at 7:15.

Pit meeting will be held on West side of catwalk at 7:40.

National Anthem will be at 7:55 and the first heat race will be going on the track at 8:00 p.m..

There will be no intermission after heat races in 2016! We will have a very short break for our officials and fans, and we
will be back to racing ASAP.

Absolutely no one will be allowed on the race track during this short break, either walking or on an ATV. Our goals this
year are to keep the show moving, have exciting competitive races, and have FUN as Mari has reminded all of us many
 times in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

As the season gets ready to go Green Flag, please remember to help your local track owners, track promoters, track managers,
 track volunteers, and track workers with positive constructive ideas, thoughts, and suggestions throughout the season.
When the time is needed for criticism, or a question you may have about any issue, handle it in a respectful and professional manner.
We are all family, ask yourself what you can do to make the 2016 racing season the best year ever for circle track dirt racing at
all the tracks you may attend throughout the course of the season.

The Boone County Raceway is looking forward to hosting all of you at some point during the 2016 season, and we hope
your return visits are frequent and regular.


The classes running at Boone County Raceway in 2016 will be:
IMCA 4 cylinders,
IMCA "Big Daddy" hobby stocks,
IMCA sport mod,
IMCA stock car
and Grand National "Nebraska Bragging Rights" Late models.

With regret we have chosen not to run IMCA A-modifieds. This decision was based on a lack of
 numbers not only locally, but even statewide to an extent in this class. The racing committee’s main
goal is to get the speedway back to where it is financially in the black, provide long term stability
with the support of the Boone County Ag Society, and to offer the finest racing program possible for
the fans, drivers, car owners, and pit crew members.

Thanks for all your support, ideas, suggestions, etc and please keep them coming as the
Boone County Raceway continues to move forward in 2016 and beyond.

Mari/Ron Melcher(track managers) 402-270-1477
Jeff Kohtz(financial and organization rep) 402-432-6497
Trent Kraus (business rep) 402-741-1819
Delmer Pelster (drivers rep) 402-741-2451
Dave Warner (car owner rep) 402-741-2579
Mike Trollope (track and officials rep) 402-608-0575