Race track picture was taken August 1, 2013 by Koeppen's Ariel Photo Service
If you are planning on racing at Boone County Raceway in 2014  we invite you to email us a picture of your Race Car to be placed on this web site. Remember it is a lot easier to get sponsors if they know that there adds that are on the side of your car are going to be seen on the world wide web. emailing a picture of your car to boonecountyraceway@frontiernet.net is your permission to place the picture on this site.                                  Include information about you and your car to be placed here. Name, city, class, where you race, what you have accomplished racing etc. Also include sponsors if you want to, text may be edited.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Scott Eaton I plan on racing at Boone County Raceway in 2014    
Scott Eaton
14t Roth  Trent Roth  

60 roth Anthony Roth

 If you would like to help support this web site and the BCR
raceway your business card can be placed here for $20 a year. Just email the above address  for more information.  
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