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Below is the information that is needed to race at Boone County Raceway in
Albion, NE for the 2014 season. If everyone would get registered early the
Racers would save money ($20) and the Track would have a better idea of
what to expect for cars and classes. There are several ways to get registered.
1. Copy the form below and paste into word or notepad fill out the form and
    print. then mail with the required fee to the address below .
2. Print the required information from the form below onto a blank piece of
     paper and mail it with the required fee to the address below.
3. You can call Kirk Westring at 308-390-0525 or email to Kirk at
     kirkwestring@gmail.com to have a copy of the registration mailed to you.
4.  You can attend the Columbus Swap Meet and fill out a registration at the
      Boone County Raceway booth. The discount ends before 3-1-2014
Car number________Class_____________________

Class License Fees (check which one applies to you)

 If you have a IMCA license you must put license # if you've already purchased your license from IMCA

IMCA Modified License - $115.00____________or License # _________________

IMCA Sport Mod License - $90.00____________or License #_________________
IMCA Stock Car License - $95.00____________ or License #_________________
IMCA Hobby Stock License - $85.00_________ or License #_________________
IMCA Sport Compact License - $60.00_______ or License #_________________

Boone County Raceway LLC Registration Fee - $40.00____(before 3-1-2014)
Boone County Raceway LLC Registration Fee - $60.00____(after 3-1-2014)
(All cars must pay registration fee of Boone County Raceway LLC this money will go into points
fund at end of season for each class)
(Late Models just need to pay registration fee)

AMOUNT OWED-_$_______________CASH____CHECK #_________________
Driver Information (must be completely filled out)
Driver Name___________________________________________
State_______________Zip______Daytime Phone (____)________
W-9 Information

Car Owner/Driver Name (Who will recieve check)____________________

Social Sec. # ______________Home Phone (____)_____________                                              
Cell Number (____)______________

Please mail the registration form and payment to:
Boone County Raceway LLC
454 12th Ave, Columbus, NE 68601